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                   The  Centre  for  Teaching  Excellence  (CTE)  provides               faculty interviews being added over time. We hope these
                   professional  development  support  for  faculty  members             stories  will  inspire  more  faculty  members  to  be  curious
                   as  their  teaching  practices  evolve.  This  includes               about using technology to enhance and optimise student
                   integrating  technology  into  their  teaching  practices  to         learning.

                   enhance  teaching  and  learning.  To  this  end,  our  team
                   works  in  consultation  with  faculty  members  for                  Our  team  is  grateful  to  our  research  assistants  Dr.  Jose
                   meaningful  pedagogical  innovation  and  change.  Our                Yong and Dr. Yvonne  Tan  Yi  Wen, as well  as Dr.  Sandy
                   support includes advising them in:                                    Gan  from  CTE,  for  interviewing  the  faculty,  transcribing
                                                                                         the  interviews,  and  producing  the  first  version  of  the

                       •  Developing innovative teaching-learning resources              write-up. Lastly, I would like to acknowledge the efforts of
                          (e.g.  e-learning  media  content,  animations,                the  CTE  team  for  making  this  project  possible  –  Mr.
                          games, simulations and videos);                                Bernie Koh, Mr. Khoo Jing Ting, Mr. James Foo, and Dr.
                                                                                         Magdeleine  Lew  for  supporting  the  faculty  members  in
                       •  Adopting  third-party  technology  tools,  open                their  innovation;  Dr.  Sandy  Gan  and  Mr.  Alvin  Tay  for
                          educational resources; and
                                                                                         reviewing and editing the e-book; and Ms. Michelle Loke

                       •  Facilitating and assessing online learning.                    for administrative support.

                   We  interviewed  faculty  members  whom  we  have                     Please contact us at for consultation and
                   supported in their pedagogical innovation to understand               funding  support  for  technology  innovation  in  teaching
                   what  motivates  them  to  innovate,  how  their  students’           and learning.
                   learning is impacted as a result, and the road ahead for
                   their  innovation  in  terms  of  enhancements  and
                   refinements.                                                          Tan Swee Liang
                                                                                         Director, Centre for Teaching Excellence
                   The  team  is  pleased  to  share  a  compilation  of  some  of       Associate Professor (Practice), School of Economics
                   these  interviews  in  the  form  of  this  e-book.  As  with  all    Singapore Management University

                   learning,  the  content  will  continue  to  grow  with  more         October 2017
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