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helping  students  better  understand  capacity  planning             decisions are made.
                   and optimisation, Fang Xin is keen to further improve the
                   gameplay and learning experience. One of the ideas he is              Fang  Xin  is  also  mulling  over  the  idea  of  incorporating
                   toying with is to let students play the game individually             pop-up  instructions  that  are  triggered  when  students
                   first,  before  having  them  discuss  and  share  as  a  group.      mouse-over  relevant  elements,  resulting  in  a  more
                   Ultimately, he believes that it would be best for students            intuitive and informative design. With CTE’s help, he also
                   to  play  the  game  in  groups  and  evaluate  different             hopes to include graphs and animations in the game, and
                   positions, as it better reflects the workplace reality, where         on an even more ambitious level, link up group decisions
                   employees often put forward different views before final              such that they impact one another.

                      By turning to the affordances of innovative technology, Fang Xin was able to provide his students with a platform to test
                      and explore how otherwise abstract theories play out in real-life, and learn meaningfully from the varied outcomes. In the
                      process, students also get a taste of the type of business decisions they would be making if they work in this industry in
                      future, demonstrating again how investment in education technology can reap huge learning pay-offs for students.
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