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No student fancies a difficult and dry class. For Professor
                                                                                         Gary  Chan,  he  feels  that  it  is  his  duty  to  engage  his
                                                                                         students. “If they are bored and switched off, and if that
                                                                                         is reflected in their grades, that will be worse for me,” he
                                                                                         said. Hence, he felt that he had to do something to make

                                                                                         his law classes, such as the Law of Torts, more interesting
                                                                                         and inject some variety in his pedagogy.

                                                                                         His  use  of  games  to  teach  began  in  2010  simply  and
                                                                                         somewhat  primitively,    and  was  inspired  by  the  classic
                                                                                         Snakes  and  Ladders  board  game.  The  first  iteration
                                                                                         featured  a  cardboard  playing  surface  and  makeshift
                                                                                         pawns.  Students  played  and  learnt  in  groups;  once  a
                                                                                         group answered a question correctly, they could advance
                                                                                         the pawn forward. It was basic but functional. Little did
                                                                                         Gary  realise  how  the  game  would  evolve  from  such
                                                                                         humble beginnings into something that would eventually
                                                                                         go beyond the confines of his class to reach members of

                          Gary CHAN                                                      the legal fraternity in the Singapore Judicial College.
                          Professor of Law
                                                                                         A small step in a greater direction
                          School of Law
                          Singapore Management University                                After delivering a talk on teaching innovation, Gary was
                                                                                         approached by CTE to make an electronic game called
                                                                                         the  Grade  Inflation  Game  (GIGAME),  that  retained  a
                          “Start by taking small steps. Do not worry that you will
                          have to spend a lot of time on it and as a result, decide      number  of  key  features  from  his  initial  Snakes  and
                                                                                         Ladders  game.  In  the  electronic  version,  students  are
                          not to even take the first step.”
                          	                                                              now  represented  by  avatars  which  progress  along  the
                                                                                         board  when  they  answer  a  series  of  multiple-choice
                                                                                         questions  related  to  tort  law.  The  name  of  the  game
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