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With the first prototype, there were technical issues and            were  slowly  ironed  out.  As  he  noted,  “Students  need  to
                   the gameplay experience was not entirely consistent with             have  some  incentive  to  investigate  the  setting  of  the
                   the content he wanted to convey to the students. In the              game,     especially    since   the    game      is   not   so
                   initial stages, students struggled to understand how the             straightforward.”
                   game  worked  despite  his  pre-briefing  with  them.  To

                   address this, he had students play multiple rounds of the            Fang Xin hopes to see broader use of his game in other
                   game to familiarise themselves sufficiently  to the  extent          contexts, but foresees certain challenges in that becoming
                   that  they  were  able  to  formulate  better  strategies  and       a reality. For some, using a game may be perceived as a
                   become more aware of the decisions they were making.                 hassle.  “Instructors  have  less  incentive  to  use  a  game
                   He  also  regularly  seeks  students’  feedback  on  how  the        because  homework  questions  are  more  manageable
                   game could be improved.                                              compared  to  a  game,”  he  commented.  “Students  may
                                                                                        wonder how they are going to be tested during the exam,
                   It was such teething issues that made Fang Xin reluctant             and that becomes troublesome.”
                   to  make  the  game  a  graded  component,  as  he  felt  it
                   would be unfair to students to do this. However, he did              Continuous efforts to improve
                   not  rule  out  revisiting  this  idea,  as  issues  in  the  game   Although the game has achieved the intended purpose of
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