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smiles,” Gary observed.

                                                                                         A  few  interesting  elements  were  found  to  elicit  strong
                                                                                         reactions  from  his  students.  For  instance,  students  who
                                                                                         land  on  a  spot  on  the  board  which  the  instructor  is
                                                                                         currently occupying will be posed an advanced question.
                                                                                         “Sometimes,  they  are  a  bit  surprised  to  be  given  an
                                                                                         advanced question,” Gary remarked, “so they strategise
                                                                                         to avoid landing on the same spot as the instructor!”

                                                                                         The game does not only benefit the students, but Gary as
                                                                                         well.  Seeing  his  students  more  engaged and  energised,
                   derives from the premise which has students starting off              Gary commented, “I feel more motivated in class when I
                   with  a  C+  grade,  which  they  aim  to  improve  over  the         can make the students smile or laugh.”
                   course  of  the  game.  Gameplay  and  instructions  take
                   about 45 minutes to an hour.                                          Barriers to the adoption of innovative teaching tools

                   GIGAME  is  played  in  class  at  the  end  of  the  semester        Time  was  one  of  Gary’s  greatest  personal  challenges  in
                   and used as a revision tool for course content covered up             the  adoption  and  implementation  of  the  game.  It  took
                   to  that  point  in  time,  before  students  take  their  final
                   exam. Students are typically divided into groups of 4 to 6
                   members.  The  game  is  projected  on  the  screen  and

                   individual group representatives take turns to come up to
                   the front of the class to answer the questions. Gary then
                   provides  feedback  and  explains  the  correct  answers  to
                   the class.

                   Despite the familiar gameplay, students are still surprised
                   about the game’s use in class and are generally excited
                   about its features, even the mature students took to the
                   game  well.  “It  has  brought  on  some  laughter  and
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